Marriage and relationship coaching will help you and your partner revive your passion for each other

Julie Johnstone

Could your relationship use some help? Do you and your partner seem to be arguing about the same issues over and over again? Relationships, whether you are dating, married, separated, or divorced involve a great deal of hard work despite what you may have been told. Many of us believe that we should be able to deal with whatever comes our way in our relationships without anyone else's help. Sometimes we can do this on our own, but often it helps to have someone caring to speak with who can remain objective. My desire is to help people strengthen their relationships with the help of my professional relationship and marriage coaching services. I can help you get your relationship back on track no matter what stage it is at!

I provide relationship and marriage coaching for individuals and couples to help them reach their relationship goals, whatever they may be. My sound advice and superb mediation skills have assisted countless men, women and couples who desire happiness in their relationship. The outcome of my relationship and marriage coaching services vary depending on each person or couple's objectives, but here are some outcomes that are quite common:

  • Overcoming of obstacles that are adversely interfering with a relationship / marriage
  • Better communication skills for both parties involved
  • Overall reduced tension & conflict
  • Greater relationship satisfaction and fulfillment for individuals & couples
  • A much stronger & healthier relationship / marriage

Ideally, couples relationship and marriage coaching is done in-person, but sometimes there is added value in relationship and marriage coaching for the individuals involved (husband and / or wife). I recommend an initial six-month engagement for relationship and marriage coaching, meeting twice a month for 60 minutes each session. In cases where meeting in-person is not feasible, online video conferencing can be used to conduct each relationship and marriage coaching session. The approach used is discussed and mutually agreed upon by myself and my clients. The first session starts with a relationship assessment, which helps to identify areas in need of strength and growth within the relationship or marriage. It also provides a subject of focus for the duration of the full coaching engagement. The desire for additional relationship and marriage coaching would be determined at the end of the six-month engagement.

Whether you are in a short or long-term relationship, are married, are in the process of a seperation or divorce, or are looking for love, I can help you overcome your relationship issues and strive towards reaching your individual or "team" goals! Relationship and marriage coaching is much more effective and affordable than you may think, so to learn more and for a complimentary consultation please contact me at (289) 828-2722. I look forward to helping you and your partner find and rekindle the love, affection, effective communication, and mutual respect you desire!

What Our Clients Say

  • AJ and KB, Hamilton

    Relationships can be brutal and messy, and can turn from negative into even more of a nightmare without the proper guidance. Thankfully, Julie was there to help. We were able to identify and discuss our problems in a civil way, then work with Julie to find solutions that were mutually beneficial. I couldn’t even imagine resolving our marital issues without her relationship and marriage coaching help.”

  • HH, Grimsby, Ontario

    “Julie was so easy to work with! She cooled hot tempers and actually got my husband and I to communicate effectively. Instead of letting our emotions hold the reins, Julie led us to rational, fair goals and solutions for our marital problems. I couldn’t have seen myself using relationship and marriage coaching before we met Julie, but she truly turned impossibilities into possibilities.”

  • DR Burlington, Ontario

    “Julie provided an empathetic and human touch during such a massively troubled time in our relationship. Where lawyers and courts would have turned a divorce into a battle, Julie helped us cut through all our drama. She expertly guided us through our disputes and helped us to agree on terms that made both of us happy. Her professional relationship and marriage coaching more than paid for itself several times over.”

  • MA Dundas, Ontario

    “When I was going through my divorce, I couldn’t imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought the process would never end. We couldn’t agree on anything and I felt lost. Then I met Julie. She guided me in the right direction and empowered me to make choices that were in my best interest. Working with a relationship and marriage coaching expert was one of the best choices I have made in my life.”

You deserve to be happy!

My passion is helping those who are facing difficulties within their relationship or marriage to set goals and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving the happiness they deserve.